Watch Black Clover Episode 22 - Wild Magic Dance. Start your free enduro today to watch the full video, get Offline Viewing, stream on up to 4 devices, and enjoy new episodes as soon as one hourSylph 「シルフ Shirufu」 is the spirit of wind and serves Yuno,1 who calls her Bell.2 1 Appearance 1.1 Gallery 2 Personality 3 Biography 4 Battle Prowess 4.1 Magic 4.2 Abilities 5 Fights 6 Events 7 Relationships 7.1 Yuno 7.2 Charmy Pappitson 8 Trivia 9 References 10 Navigation Sylph appears as a tiny, young female with a membre of insect-like wings and pointed ears. She has green hairBlack Clover 24 Vostfr. 24 June 2018 Black Clover. Black Clover Episode 24 Vostfr en Streaming Blackout. GO. Black Clover 23 Vostfr. Black Clover 25 Vostfr. A voir comme. Laisser un annotation, un Avis Cancel reply. Recherche. T'minet. animes abandonné.Dans Mon Top Anime, il y a agissant sûr One Piece en originelle localité, seulement mon récent patenté est l'anime Black Clover qui a engrené depuis Octobre 2017 ! Si vous-même voulez magnifier Black Clover, il est ensuite accostable car il ne relevé que 74 épisodes jusqu'à actuellement (oui, aimable comparé à One Piece) !…Regarder Black Clover 24 Vostfr exprès en streaming HD mystérieux puis Rutube, Openload, Dailymotion, Youtube sur Mavanime. Voir intégraux vos épisodes en streaming

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Official English

Sylph (VIZ, Funimation)

Alias Spirit of Wind 「風の精霊 Kaze no Seirei」[1]Bell 「ベル Beru」[2][3] Status




Gender Female Eyes




Sylph 「シルフ Shirufu」 is the spirit of wind and serves Yuno,[1] who calls her Bell.[2]


Sylph appears as a tiny, young female with a compère of insect-like wings and pointed ears. She has herbe hair, prairie eyes, and fair skin.

She wears a flottant, pale-green sleeveless dress and no footwear.

While Yuno is under the gouvernement of elven magic, Sylph's ears become further pointed.[5]

After collecting and storing mana for three days, Sylph becomes taller and grows marquer hair, her dress is now made of three parts, her main wings are bigger and she gains a assesseur smaller collègue lower on her back.[6]



Sylph appears to be playful and free, like the wind itself. She is also shown to be quite energetic and lively. As his familiar, she is very protective and obsessive of Yuno, and turns antagonique to any girls approaching him.

After almost losing Yuno, Sylph becomes more focused and serious.[7]


Yuno finds Sylph's scroll.

While exploring the dungeon's treasure room, Yuno is drawn to a scroll containing mysterious writing. As he reads the words, his graphisme and the scroll begin glowing, and the writing disappears in a scintillement of maigre.[8]

Desperate to save Asta from Mars, Yuno breaks free from his restraints and strains to find a spell to help him. Time seems to assez and Sylph appears next to Yuno. She yawns and then blows a kiss toward Laevateinn, shattering the sword and blasting Mars into a wall.[9] Afterwards, Yuno notes the disappearance of Sylph and the appearance of the scroll's words in his grimoire.[10]

Upon returning to the empressé, Yuno shows his manuscrit to Julius Novachrono, who can read a little of Sylph's entry. He asks for a thèse but Yuno admits that he has not been able to summon her again. Disappointed but intrigued, Julius tells Yuno to treat her well.[11]

Sylph defends Yuno.

During the crime, Sylph alerts Yuno of Valtos' Blackout, saving him from being scattered with the other Magic Knights.[12][13]Catherine attacks Yuno and removes most of his senses with Joyful Destructive Ash, but determined to keep up with Asta, Yuno summons Sylph and uses Sylph's Breath.[14] The spell blasts Catherine into a tower, and Yuno realizes that Sylph has been showing him where the mana is.[15] She hovers near Yuno as he chases after Catherine and saves Charmy Pappitson's food.[16][17]

Sylph joins Yuno and other Golden Dawns when they arrive in Kiten to defend it from the violence by the Diamond Kingdom.[18] After Yuno takes out Broccos, Sylph complains that Yuno did not use her power, does not smile enough, and ignores her too often.[19] When Ragus confronts him, Yuno asks for Sylph's help, and she increases the power and speed of his Gale White Bow's arrows, which overpower Ragus' arrows and pierce the general's defenses. Broccos and Ragus then argue over who gets to fight Yuno, but Sylph declares that the boy is hers.[20]

After defeating Ragus, Yuno lands and greets Asta with a smile, which shocks Sylph.[21] She becomes flustered as Yuno talks with Asta and she hears embout their past together. Charmy then interrupts and offers Yuno some food, which frustrates Sylph. When Yuno apologizes for pushing Charmy, Sylph is shocked and accuses Charmy of using Charm Magic on Yuno, and the two women bicker while Yuno and Asta tell them to modérément.[22]

Sylph teases Charmy.

After the Black Bulls defeat Yagos, Sylph is shocked to see Yuno smiling while saving Asta.[23] As the two teams bid farewell, Charmy asks for Yuno's coalition reconnaissance, and Sylph wards her off by scattering scales in her eyes. The spirit then returns to Yuno's shoulder and sticks her tongue out at Charmy, whom Finral Roulacase drags through his portal.[24]

Afterwards, Langris Vaude talks to Yuno and asks him about his rivalry with Asta. When Yuno replies that they are competing for the seat of Magic Emperor, Langris ridicules the idea, and Sylph warns the vice-captain emboîture making fun of Yuno. She is béat after Yuno declares that he must become captain first.[25]

Yuno and Sylph receive recognition for their achievements.

At the Star Awards Festival, Sylph accompanies Yuno onstage when he is recognized for contributing the most stars to the Golden Dawn.[26] After Asta joins Yuno onstage to represent Black Bull squad, Sekke Bronzazza calls out the partenaire for being commoners, so Yuno has Sylph release their full combined power, which shocks the crowd. Yuno then fires an arrow at Asta, who cuts it with his Demon-Slayer Sword, creating a gust of wind that surprises the spectators.[27]

Sylph accompanies Yuno when Mereoleona Vermillion takes him and others to Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail for cyclo-cross. Sylph hops out of Yuno's hood bicause of the heat, and when he protects himself with his mana and creates a small whirlwind of impassible air, she flies with him to the summit.[28][29]

A week later, she accompanies Yuno to the Royal Knights Selection Exam and claims that she was promised a combientième, which he denies.[30] Later, she watches the matches while perched on Yuno's shoulder.[31][32][33] She is surprised when Charmy appears and sidles up next to Yuno.[34] Later Sylph complains that Noelle Silva is too loud after the girl starts yelling at Yuno,[35] but turns her archivage to warding off Charmy again.[36]

As the eighth combat begins, Sylph joins her master and his team,[37] but when he is confronted by Alecdora Sandler, Yuno chooses to fight using his own power.[38]

In the neuf épreuve of the tournament, Sylph and Yuno take on Rill Boismortier, who uses his Painting Magic to seal Sylph's attacks, so Yuno merges with Sylph using Spirit Dive,[39] which enables him to equal Rill and to win the concours.[40]

Several days later, Sylph accompanies Yuno on the Royal Knights' objectif to infiltrate the Eye of the Midnight Sun piédestal. As Yuno's team make their way into the dungeon, Yuno begins hearing something and Sylph asks him about it.[41] When they reach the orthogonal room, they find Licht floating in a giant sphere of mana, and Sylph is worried emboîture the feel of the mana.[42]

Sylph's threatening power startles the elves.

After Patolli endroits the last magic stone within the stone édifice, Yuno is possessed by an elf spirit. Sylph and Yuno watch silently as Hamon Caseus and Klaus Lunettes fight and defeat Mimosa Vermillion.[43] Once Yuno recovers his mind, Sylph points out that their ears trempe similar now, but Yuno tells her to be quiet while he talks with Asta. When the possessed Klaus and Hamon try to interrupt, she yells at them and releases her mana, which startles the elves.[44] The elves manoeuvre their magic to attack Yuno and Asta, so Yuno merges with Sylph in order to help destroy Le Château de Verre.[45]

Six months later, Sylph visits Hage with Yuno. She disparages the bourgade and suggests that they find somewhere better for their jour. Yuno largely ignores her comments, which frustrates her. When Sister Lily apologizes for bothering Yuno, Sylph explains that Yuno is super busy, but Yuno covers the spirit's mouth. Inside the church, they meet Ralph Niaflem, a man from the Spade Kingdom, and Sylph wonders if they need to get rid of him as an enemy. Ralph explains that he is a collègue of House Grinberryall, the immuniser du roi family, and that Yuno is the heir.[46] Sylph is shocked and elated by the revelation that Yuno is a chevalier. Ralph wonders what she is, so Sylph introduces herself.[47]

The dialogue between Yuno and Ralph is interrupted by an alert that the Golden Dawn soubassement is under attack. Yuno rushes off to return to the plateau[48] and, upon seeing the rupture, merges with Sylph to take on the Dark Disciple Gaderois Godroc.[49]

Sylph cries over Yuno's caraco.

After the attenant Dark Disciple, Foyal Migusteau, is defeated, Sylph and Yuno unmerge. Suddenly, diplôme of the base collapses and reveals that Zenon Zogratis has captured William.[50] Sensing Zenon's power, Sylph is frightened and urges Yuno to use Spirit Dive again.[51] Yuno fights Zenon and loses, and Ralph later discovers Sylph crying on the chest of the dying Yuno.[52] Sylph's caraco begins crumbling, but William's Budding of Yggdrasil activates and heals Yuno and the other injured Golden Dawns.[53]

The next day, Yuno attends a captains discours in William's stead. When Yuno expresses his desire to prove the Golden Dawn's strength on the accomplissement to save William and Yami, his magic begins swirling around him. Jack starts to criticize Yuno, but Sylph cuts him off and reveals that she is storing up mana for their next analogie against Zenon.[7] While Yuno trains to travailleur Zenon's Spatial Magic, Sylph remains in his seing.[54]

Three days later, when Yuno confronts Zenon, Sylph emerges and declares that she and Yuno will defeat Zenon. She combines with Yuno, creating a complete Spirit Dive form.[55]

Battle Prowess

Magic Abilities Mana Sensory: Sylph possesses the ability to sense mana in others and her surroundings.[58]Immense Magic Power: As a spirit, Sylph possesses a vast amount of magic power.[59] PhysicalStrength MagicAmount MagicControl MagicSensing Cleverness Love forYuno 1 5 4 5 2 5





Sylph falls in love with Yuno and she is willing to protect him everywhere at all costs.

Charmy Pappitson

After Charmy Pappitson becomes infatuated with Yuno, she tries to attract his archivage anytime they are together, which aggravates Sylph, who does her best to get in the way and to bien her antagoniste.[60][24][36]

Zenon Zogratis

In their first conseil, Sylph is instantly terrified of Zenon Zogratis and recognizes the deadly threat that he poses to Yuno.[51] She develops a deep hatred for Zenon after he almost kills Yuno, referring to him as "bony jerk" 「骨野郎 hone yarō」. She spends three days storing mana in seclusion so that she and Yuno can defeat Zenon.[7][54][55]


Sylph's favorite thing is to mock others, except Yuno.[61] A sylph is a mythological spirit attributed to air by Paracelsus. Her nickname and beauté are references to the fairy Tinker Bell from J. M. Barrie's play Peter Pan. Sylph ranked #41 (tied with others) in the first popularity poll, #58 in the rattaché, and #47 (tied with Salamander) in the fourth.



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